Keynote Speakers

Assistant Professor Wılco H. M. EMONS

Wilco Henricus Maria Emons was born in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) on 14-07-1973. Between 1985-1992 he studied at Kruisheren Kollege. Between 1992 and 1998, he was a specialist in educational technology at Twente University. In 2003 he completed his doctorate at Tilburg University. Emons, an assistant professor in the Department of Methodology and Statistics at Tilburg University School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, is an academics and educational consultant. It has a wide range of interests and work fields in methodology and statistics in social sciences. Particularly interested in psychometrics and psychological and educational evaluation. International indexes have 45 common literary texts, one book, four book chapters, and 34 international presentations. Emons participated in many training programs as a tutorial. More

Prof. Dr. Abdülkerim KAR

Born in 1951 in the Güneysu district of Rize. He completed his undergraduate education at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at ITU. He has his Master and PhD in MIT, USA. He worked in ITU Mechanical Faculty Automatic Control Department. Saudi Arabia took part in the team that prepared King Fahd University for ABET accreditation in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

He worked at Marmara University until his retirement in 2018 and gave lessons in time at other foundation universities. He opened the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Marmara University. He served as a faculty member, department chairperson, vice dean and dean at the Faculty of Engineering. Later on, he served as the director of the Marmara University, as deputy director, deputy rector, chancellor of the rector, director of the distance education center, and Coordinator of the Education Member Training Program (ÖYP). Between 1995 and 2000, he worked as a department chair and deputy assistant in the Quality Quality Team of the Faculty of Engineering. The EFQM quality dissemination in the Engineering Faculty has been part of quality process training and during this time the students who have grown up have become quality volunteers who transfer to the industry. Marmara University Engineering Faculty EFQM European Quality 2000 award meeting has been award finalist. MÜDEK has been an evaluator since the beginning of the accreditation process.

The topics of study are system dynamics and control (new name mechatronics), design and energy optimization in engineering systems, philosophy of engineering, teaching and learning in engineering education, thinking styles in higher education, quality in education and accreditation.

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