Dear Colleagues,

Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Programmes at Faculties of Education (EPDAD) is an independent institution responsible for the accreditation of educational programmes in Turkey and it is authorized by Higher Education Institution.

EPDAD’s aim is to contribute to increase the quality of education in Turkey by organizing informative studies for Faculties of Education on accreditation, evaluation and quality. In this way growing up more qualified teachers who grasp and apply contemporary approaches. In an international level sharing the knowledge and experience with the other stakeholders; so improving the quality of education in the world via the accreditation process.

EPDAD is proud to announce the congress named “International Teacher Education and Accreditation Congress’’ which will be organized on the date of 27-29 Oct  2018 in Rize. The congress takes new trends, policies, models, innovative movements of teacher education. The aim of the congress is both to create an international base for sharing scientific information on quality assurance systems, accreditation and increase the awareness and consciousness of the field.

EPDAD is honored to invite you the “International Teacher Education and Accreditation Congress’’ to declare and share your works on teacher education policies and reforms and enlightening researchers within the scope of the congress. The information of the congress could be seen on the website


Best regards,
Prof. Dr. Cemil Öztürk
Chairman of EPDAD 

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